Important Things Not Being Discussed in the Mainstream


-The Aftermath of the Fukushima Catastrophe

-Ebola Virus Outbreaks in Western Africa

-Black People being Assaulted and Murdered by Police

-Weather Engineering

-Widening Wealth Gap in America

-Slave Labor used to manufacture American Luxury Goods

-Prison Industrial Complex

-Military Industrial Complex

-Inherently Flawed Drug War

-How Generation Y/Millennials are Revolutionizing the World

for the better


Guess who’s not doing Santa photos!!

Yes, my baby is due on December 22. No, my baby won’t be wearing Santa themed items or surrounded by gifts. No denying the baby will be a wonderful gift, but thankfully there’s another amazing holiday that falls around that time of year. You may have heard of it. It’s called Kwanzaa?

Stop calling my child a Christmas baby right damn now. It’s becoming offensive.

My RBG beanie and diaper cover are being knitted as we speak. *puts brown baby fist in the air*



This is just a reminder to the men of New York City and any other city.

Small town,


When I’m happily, joyfully beginning my day
after meditation
after getting dressed
and leaving the house
headphones in
earrings dangling
greeting the sun
and the morning with love and anticipation